Summerville, SC Wealth Advisor For You

J. Michael Salley |

Summerville, SC. It’s the place to be. If you are like me, you look around and you see people are all seeing what many locals have thought for so long. That Summerville, SC is the place to be. As a Summerville, SC Wealth Advisor, I love it. New people to meet, many of the people are from my original home state of New York. Many are from Ohio, or California, or Massachusetts. Sure, it brings new issues like traffic congestion, waiting in line at the grocery store, not getting into a restaurant at the desired time. But, it’s new people adding to this amazing place just outside Charleston, SC. And sure, it’s new opportunities to develop business.

As a wealth advisor, I love helping people with their financial plans. It’s why I do what I do. So when people are added into the community it means more opportunities to help.

The quality of life and cost of living in Summerville is great in all ways. Sure, as I alluded to, it also creates more chaos than normal, but anything that is good will be found out by others. The Charleston area as a whole has caught on. From the PGA Championship in Kiawah Island, to Daniel Island getting attention as a place to live, to the history of the downtown Charleston area and its world-renowned restaurants, there’s something for everyone.

What also comes with this growth of Summerville, is others that can help. New businesses I can reach out to for services I am in need of. Landscaping, real estate agents, car dealerships, new restaurants, new entertainment. It’s better for everyone.

And my small part in Summerville is to lend my support to the community and to the people of the Summerville and Charleston, SC area with my wealth management services. It’s what I do. And Summerville, SC is where I do it. For You.